Water Leak Detection

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If you detect signs such as wall condensation, water stains, or the presence of a mildew odor within your home, it could indicate the presence of a leak requiring immediate attention. Water damage can develop swiftly and come with substantial costs, underscoring the importance of promptly reaching out to a Marietta plumber. In numerous instances, the damage may be concealed, potentially leading to an escalation of the problem without your awareness. If you suspect a leak, don’t hesitate to contact Dupree Plumbing through Ultimate Home Service Plus without delay.


Helpful Tips To Help You Determine If You Have A Leak:

  • Common areas to check are in your kitchen, bathroom, and on walls.
  • Leaks can often move into other rooms as they progress, so it’s important to look at the walls and ceilings of all rooms (not just those with a direct water connection.)
  • Check your water meter and water bill for any changes


Leakages may arise from aging plumbing systems that have been in place since the house’s construction or have remained unchanged for an extended period. Consistent plumbing maintenance provided by our team at Ultimate Home Service Plus can extend the lifespan of your system while preemptively averting more significant complications. Another prevalent factor contributing to leaks is corrosion, which can manifest due to imbalanced water pH levels, water pressure irregularities, chemical exposure, and other concerns related to water quality.


The moment you notice any indication of a leak, reach out to Ultimate Home Service Plus, and our certified Marietta plumbing experts will promptly assess your residence to ascertain the presence of a leak and devise an appropriate solution. Feel free to consult with us about any concerns or inquiries, as we are here to assist you with our comprehensive spectrum of Marietta plumbing services.