Furnace Installation/Replacement

A problem with your heater could leave you out in the cold and facing costly replacement expenses. If your home or business experiences any of the following seven issues, it’s time to contact a local heating expert to inspect your heater.

Furnace Maintenance | Any Season Heating & Air Conditioning

Creaks, squeaks, and other unusual noises mean a component in your heating system is loose. Our team provides dependable furnace repair services in areas of Georgia such as Savannah, Athens, Newnan, Gainesville, Atlanta, and Marietta. We will perform an inspection of your heating system to diagnose the source of the noises and fix the issue.

House Takes a Long Time to Heat Up

When it takes longer than usual for your home to heat up, your heater needs to be serviced. Don’t delay in getting a heating professional out to inspect your unit.

Common Types of Furnace Problems

The heating technicians can diagnose your heater and make any necessary repairs. If you’re experiencing a heater problem, it could be from one of these four common issues. Our technicians can assist in the inspection, diagnosis, and repair of your heating system.


  • Thermostat Isn’t Working
  • Dirty & Clogged Filters
  • Furnace Isn’t Blowing Air
  • Rattling or Pinging Noises In Your Furnace


Signs You Need To Replace Your Furnace

Furnace Maintenance 101 - Refrigeration School, Inc. (RSI)

Your Heating Bills Are Through The Roof

In an ideal world, your furnace would use 100% of its energy to produce heat. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. More likely, your furnace is wasting energy. This may cost you the same amount of money, but it may not be heating as efficiently as it should. Usually, the older your furnace is, the less energy efficient. This could be because of the older design, but also because of the wear and tear over the years.

Your Furnace Has Been Making Noises

If you notice weird noises coming from your heating system, this may be an indicator it’s time to hire a professional to perform a furnace replacement in your house. Do you hear a shrieking, whistling, or whining noises when your furnace is operating? This could mean that something has fallen out of place and is damaging your system.

If these issues go unchecked, you may encounter damage to components in your heating system. Our professionals offer reputable furnace installation services in Atlanta, GA and are available to perform an inspection of your system. Our technicians will find the source of the weird noises in your heating system and will resolve the issue.

You Are Experiencing Humidity Issues

Keeping your home at the right temperature is important, but the humidity, or the amount of water in the air, could also be causing problems if there is too little or too much. New furnace models are typically better equipped to handle humidity concerns when compared to older models. There are many conditions that could cause an issue, and if you have noticed frequent problems, give us a call and let our experts take care of you.


Furnace Repairs You Can Trust

When your furnace encounters issues or ceases to operate, it’s essential to have it promptly restored. Our team of amiable and skilled technicians is at your service when you require HVAC repairs. With decades of expertise, we are adept at repairing various furnace models. Regardless of the issue, our furnace repair experts can address it efficiently. Our technicians undergo rigorous training to swiftly identify problems and provide solutions, ensuring a speedy restoration of your furnace’s functionality.


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