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Whole-Home Air Quality Solutions

Our expertise can guide you in distinguishing the distinctions among various types of whole-home air purification and filtration systems.

HEPA Filters: These filters excel at extracting 99.97 percent of airborne contaminants and are commonly found in healthcare facilities. Gauge the effectiveness of your filter by examining its MERV rating.

Media Air Cleaners: These systems boast remarkable filtration capabilities, up to 40 times more potent than standard air filters.

Electronic Air Cleaners: Utilizing electrically charged and washable filters, electronic air cleaners effectively reduce indoor pollutants and enhance air quality.


UV-C Germicidal Light Systems

These systems emit intense UV light to eliminate bacteria, mold, and viruses effectively. This ultraviolet light can purify the air within your home, as well as cleanse your ductwork and heating/cooling equipment. Remarkably, it can reduce the concentration of airborne microorganisms by as much as 50 percent in as little as 45 minutes.

Whole-Home Humidity Control Systems

A comprehensive home humidification system has the potential to alleviate respiratory ailments and mitigate allergy and asthma symptoms. Additionally, it aids in addressing static issues and safeguards your belongings from the detrimental effects of dry air.

On the other hand, a whole-home dehumidification system serves to prevent mold and mildew growth while enhancing overall comfort within your living space.

Ventilation Systems

Putting in a ventilation system to your home can keep indoor air from turning stale and control humidity levels.